Planescape - Fool's Road

Entry 4

Mr. Future and his cursed church

After spending much time in various parts of Sigil doing various things both Freya Elenvir and Sorcha Loth’valla were greeted by a unknown man. The man simply handed them an invitation and requested that they meet with his employer at the designated location for more information. Curios as to who would seek them out, what with them only being two primes, Sorcha and Freya followed the instructions on the invitation and arrived at a new location together. In there they were joined by a human paladin who wielded a magical sword. The three were greeted by yet another unknown man who did not give him name.

The man explained to the group that there was a local church that was causing conflicts between two factions within Sigil, the Signers who wanted to enter the church and the Athar who wished to instead keep everyone out. The man offered the group 200 gold each if they would help him by gathering any information they could involving the church and the factions interest in it. Furthermore he offered them an additional 200 gold each if the information they brought back was significant. Accepting the offer the group quested out to see what they could learn about the church.

A very long series of events followed in their effort to learn /anything/ about the damned building. They questioned high up figures of both factions and learned very little from either. They stacked out the church itself, sneaking past the guards and looking inside only to find a empty and bare ruin with absolutely no significance. In the end the only person to remotely be of interest was a strange man holding a staff made of various skulls. The man preached that he had seen a terrible war that would destroy all of existence in the coming future. When questioned about the specifics of this vision and how he had seen it the man offered no clear answers, thus cementing the fact that he was utterly barmy. The group lovingly named him Mr. Future and went on their marry way.

At their last strain of patience the group came upon a portly, bald headed man with a enchanted pipe. The man turned out to be Gremmith Mi, a highly trained wizard assassin with a contract out for our heroes. What followed was a devastating battle that the group narrowly survived. Gremmith had used a spell to flee the area when the Harmonians began to arrive however the parties hunger for revenge had not been sated in the least.

Rather than count their good fortunes after having survived near death the party instead pulled their resources and tracked down the assassin. Having expended most of his resources in the previous fight Gremmith was unable to put up much of a struggle. In the end the assassin was defeated and Freya claimed his enchanted pipe as a trophy.

There truly is no rest for the weary though. Not long after giving up on their investigation of the church and victory over Gremmith the group encountered a very plain looking pair. The two explained that their beauty had been stolen by lizardfolk with a strange rod. Promising to help the pair regain their beauty the party tracked down the wrongdoers and eventually came upon a group of lizardfolk. A small exchange of blows occurred before the beasts fled into a portal leading to a plain known as the Outlands. The party now stands on the brink of a new territory they have yet to encounter.



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