Planescape - Fool's Road

Entry 3

A Spirit Returns Home

After having let Radiance depart, knowing that this would not be the last time they met, it was not long before Li caught up with the party. Now more than ever the group was at a crossroads and a decision had to be made. They could allow Radiance to continue her existence in Sigil even though it was not her proper place, or they could find her once more and deliver her to Li who would escort her to Arcadia where she belonged. Wanting more information the party immediately began to question Li about the situation. They asked what the repercussions would be if Radiance stayed in Sigil and if they would have any large impact in the grand scheme of things. Although there were many questions Li only had one real answer, her staying in Sigil would undermine the authority of the judges of the dead and in turn would bring great shame upon him as the cause. Knowing that Li was mostly doing this only to secure his own honor did not encourage the group to deliver Radiance to him, still they did not go as far as to dismiss Li entirely. Perhaps a compromise could be made.

While the group had this debate with Li they were unaware of a man observing them from the rooftops. This man would later identify as a shadow monk known as Grim. Interested in the parties plight, Grim began to follow Radiance. He soon learned that he was not the only one pursuing the spirit however, as it seemed a pair of men from the Mercy Killers, also known as the Red Death, was also on her trail. Through either luck or skill Grim was able to reach Radiance first and brought her to a local tavern where he began to question her.

Meanwhile the rest of the adventurers returned to the Guild Hall to check up on their friend. The Qunari had recovered considerably thanks to the guild’s efforts but was still affected by the arrow’s poison. Deciding that a break from all this stress involving spirits and death was in order the group proceed to the very same Tavern Grim was currently in with Radiance.

Not far behind them however was the Mercy Killer’s. Freya attempted to drive them away by posing as a Harmonian however the Red Death showed no tolerance for the blue cloaked soldier’s presence, pushing her aside as they spotted Radiance. From there chaos ensued. Freya immediately ran outside the tavern, taking on the appearance of a classic damsel in distress and called out for the real Harmonians to help. Inside the tavern Grim had lead Radiance out the back door, leaving only a cloud of darkness in his wake to shake off any pursuers. Sorcha did not allow the Mercy Killers to get even that far however. Taking the form of a giant octopus she blocked the doorway and would not budge despite the guards frantic strikes.

Mara in an attempt to keep the Red Death at bay had her golum splash alcohol across the floor between her and the guards before lighting it ablaze. Not deterred by the flames the guard stormed through them to confront Mara. Realizing that the Mercy Killer was not afraid of mere fire Mara did the only logical action, make more fire! Using the spell Grease, she covered the already existing flames with the fuel they needed to spread and blaze more fiery than before.

It was around this time that the Harmonians arrived and subdued the Red Death as well as put out the blazing inferno. Although the Mercy Killers had acted out of line it was more than likely they would walk away without punishment. The party met up with Li and then found Grim and Radiance once more. After much debate and persuasion the group convinced Radiance to go to Arcadia where she belonged, thus earning the gratitude and a small reward from Li.

Afterwards the party split off for each to pursue their own interests within Sigil. Mara continued to work on her three dimensional model of the known plains, Freya tried her hand once more at the performing arts and was accepted this time, albeit as only an opening act, and Sorcha continued to research a possible way to return to Fereldan via the use of Sigils grand library. Grim however took a different path and chose to enlist himself in the Transcendent Order, a group of monk like people dedicated to discovering their place within the multiverse. After much research Sorcha found that the place she may find the information she desired was located in another plain known as the Outlands.



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