Planescape - Fool's Road

Entry 4
Mr. Future and his cursed church

After spending much time in various parts of Sigil doing various things both Freya Elenvir and Sorcha Loth’valla were greeted by a unknown man. The man simply handed them an invitation and requested that they meet with his employer at the designated location for more information. Curios as to who would seek them out, what with them only being two primes, Sorcha and Freya followed the instructions on the invitation and arrived at a new location together. In there they were joined by a human paladin who wielded a magical sword. The three were greeted by yet another unknown man who did not give him name.

The man explained to the group that there was a local church that was causing conflicts between two factions within Sigil, the Signers who wanted to enter the church and the Athar who wished to instead keep everyone out. The man offered the group 200 gold each if they would help him by gathering any information they could involving the church and the factions interest in it. Furthermore he offered them an additional 200 gold each if the information they brought back was significant. Accepting the offer the group quested out to see what they could learn about the church.

A very long series of events followed in their effort to learn /anything/ about the damned building. They questioned high up figures of both factions and learned very little from either. They stacked out the church itself, sneaking past the guards and looking inside only to find a empty and bare ruin with absolutely no significance. In the end the only person to remotely be of interest was a strange man holding a staff made of various skulls. The man preached that he had seen a terrible war that would destroy all of existence in the coming future. When questioned about the specifics of this vision and how he had seen it the man offered no clear answers, thus cementing the fact that he was utterly barmy. The group lovingly named him Mr. Future and went on their marry way.

At their last strain of patience the group came upon a portly, bald headed man with a enchanted pipe. The man turned out to be Gremmith Mi, a highly trained wizard assassin with a contract out for our heroes. What followed was a devastating battle that the group narrowly survived. Gremmith had used a spell to flee the area when the Harmonians began to arrive however the parties hunger for revenge had not been sated in the least.

Rather than count their good fortunes after having survived near death the party instead pulled their resources and tracked down the assassin. Having expended most of his resources in the previous fight Gremmith was unable to put up much of a struggle. In the end the assassin was defeated and Freya claimed his enchanted pipe as a trophy.

There truly is no rest for the weary though. Not long after giving up on their investigation of the church and victory over Gremmith the group encountered a very plain looking pair. The two explained that their beauty had been stolen by lizardfolk with a strange rod. Promising to help the pair regain their beauty the party tracked down the wrongdoers and eventually came upon a group of lizardfolk. A small exchange of blows occurred before the beasts fled into a portal leading to a plain known as the Outlands. The party now stands on the brink of a new territory they have yet to encounter.

Entry 3
A Spirit Returns Home

After having let Radiance depart, knowing that this would not be the last time they met, it was not long before Li caught up with the party. Now more than ever the group was at a crossroads and a decision had to be made. They could allow Radiance to continue her existence in Sigil even though it was not her proper place, or they could find her once more and deliver her to Li who would escort her to Arcadia where she belonged. Wanting more information the party immediately began to question Li about the situation. They asked what the repercussions would be if Radiance stayed in Sigil and if they would have any large impact in the grand scheme of things. Although there were many questions Li only had one real answer, her staying in Sigil would undermine the authority of the judges of the dead and in turn would bring great shame upon him as the cause. Knowing that Li was mostly doing this only to secure his own honor did not encourage the group to deliver Radiance to him, still they did not go as far as to dismiss Li entirely. Perhaps a compromise could be made.

While the group had this debate with Li they were unaware of a man observing them from the rooftops. This man would later identify as a shadow monk known as Grim. Interested in the parties plight, Grim began to follow Radiance. He soon learned that he was not the only one pursuing the spirit however, as it seemed a pair of men from the Mercy Killers, also known as the Red Death, was also on her trail. Through either luck or skill Grim was able to reach Radiance first and brought her to a local tavern where he began to question her.

Meanwhile the rest of the adventurers returned to the Guild Hall to check up on their friend. The Qunari had recovered considerably thanks to the guild’s efforts but was still affected by the arrow’s poison. Deciding that a break from all this stress involving spirits and death was in order the group proceed to the very same Tavern Grim was currently in with Radiance.

Not far behind them however was the Mercy Killer’s. Freya attempted to drive them away by posing as a Harmonian however the Red Death showed no tolerance for the blue cloaked soldier’s presence, pushing her aside as they spotted Radiance. From there chaos ensued. Freya immediately ran outside the tavern, taking on the appearance of a classic damsel in distress and called out for the real Harmonians to help. Inside the tavern Grim had lead Radiance out the back door, leaving only a cloud of darkness in his wake to shake off any pursuers. Sorcha did not allow the Mercy Killers to get even that far however. Taking the form of a giant octopus she blocked the doorway and would not budge despite the guards frantic strikes.

Mara in an attempt to keep the Red Death at bay had her golum splash alcohol across the floor between her and the guards before lighting it ablaze. Not deterred by the flames the guard stormed through them to confront Mara. Realizing that the Mercy Killer was not afraid of mere fire Mara did the only logical action, make more fire! Using the spell Grease, she covered the already existing flames with the fuel they needed to spread and blaze more fiery than before.

It was around this time that the Harmonians arrived and subdued the Red Death as well as put out the blazing inferno. Although the Mercy Killers had acted out of line it was more than likely they would walk away without punishment. The party met up with Li and then found Grim and Radiance once more. After much debate and persuasion the group convinced Radiance to go to Arcadia where she belonged, thus earning the gratitude and a small reward from Li.

Afterwards the party split off for each to pursue their own interests within Sigil. Mara continued to work on her three dimensional model of the known plains, Freya tried her hand once more at the performing arts and was accepted this time, albeit as only an opening act, and Sorcha continued to research a possible way to return to Fereldan via the use of Sigils grand library. Grim however took a different path and chose to enlist himself in the Transcendent Order, a group of monk like people dedicated to discovering their place within the multiverse. After much research Sorcha found that the place she may find the information she desired was located in another plain known as the Outlands.

Entry 2
The Perils of an Impossible City
Date 9:40 Dragon. 8439 FA.

So it was, after a desperate escape from an army of winged fiends and a forsaken deal with the gatekeeper, the wandering fools had tumbled through the portal and into the alleyway of an impossible city. One of their numbers, the qunari mage, was now comatose, an arrow from his prior altercation still buried in his chest. Another had failed to to come through at all, the elven rogue now perhaps lost forever to the multiverse. Sorcha, still in her horse form, recognized that a poison seeped through the qunari’s chest and gestured for Freya to throw him over her back. After securing him, she ventured from the alleyway to search for medical aid for their companion. On the streets, she discovered fantastic creatures and fiends that walked in the light of day without a glance paid to them from the other denizens. Freya grabbed the attention of the closest, most human-looking person, a woman wrapped in a garish corset. The woman seemed offended when Freya indicated the “demons” around them, telling her not to “insult her clients.” The woman informed her that they had entered Sigil, also known as the City of Doors as well as the Cage. When Freya asked for medical help, she suggested she look to the markets or find help with the Bleak Cabal at the Gatehouse.

Freya “led” Sorcha through the city. As they walked, the streets seemed to stretch ever upwards in every direction. Towers spiraled upside-down over their heads. After some time wandering, they chanced upon a bauriar, a creature half-man and half-goat, but entirely alien to the adventurers. The bauriar agreed to give Freya a quick run-down of the city and lead them to the Market Wards, but at a cost of ten gold pieces. Freya reluctantly relinquished her gold. The bauriar led them through a seemingly random door in an alley, which opened into a bustling market street. After the bauriar bid them adieu, Freya and Sorcha searched desperately amongst the vendors for someone knowledgable in healing. Amidst the chaos of the outlandish environment, the best they could find was a street merchant peddling suspect concoctions in glass vials. He offered them a healing potion for the steep price of 100 gp. Freya hatched a bait-and-switch scheme where she attempted to sell the old man Sorcha, still in her horse form, in exchange for the potion. When the peddler ran to grab a bit piece, Sorcha lost her patience and reverted to her elven form. In one of her infamous outbursts, she screamed at Freya and the peddler both, drawing the attention of members of the Harmonium, the local enforcers. It took some explaining from Sorcha for them to not drag the pair away on charges of fraud.

The situation of our fools now seemed desperate, but all the commotion had drawn the attention of Mara Ravenwood, a human member of a local artisan guild traveling with her trusty mechanical construct servant. Mara proposed that her guild would be interested in helping their friend if they agreed to let them try experimental treatments on him. Back in the guild hall, gnomish workers busied themselves on the qunari’s wound. Mara did her best to explain to Freya and Sorcha that they were not, in fact, still trapped in the Fade in their home world of Thedas, but had travelled to a city in another plane of existence. She provided them reading material on the structure of the planes. The existence of the Fade in Thedas and it’s similarities to the astral plane seemed of particular interest, especially to the guild master, a wizened old gnome in large spectacles. Freya and Sorcha protested their desire to return to their home world, but, while their companion was still ill, it seemed they would be stuck within this strange city.

In order to pass the time and introduce the two to some of the lighter aspects of Sigil, Mara took Freya and Sorcha to the Civic Festhall, the heart of Sigil’s entertainment industry and headquarters of the Society of Sensation. Amidst the food and shows, a factol of the Sensate introduced them to the Society’s core beliefs of experiencing all one can of the multiverse. She also introduced them to the storage of strange orbs the Society had available that contained the memories of all kinds of exotic experiences the multiverse had to offer. The more difficult or dangerous the memory was to attain, the greater its value. Freya sold her experience of the misadventure the adventurers had in their travels through Avernus. Mara promptly paid to see this memory and experienced every painful and horrifying moment through Freya’s eyes. After leaving the Festhall, the group split up. Mara returned to her guild hall, Sorcha sought to find a library that contained more writings on the plains, and Freya determined to explore the city on her own. While meandering, Freya found herself in the Lower Ward. A suspect character lured her into a dark alley, where he and his two friends attempted to mug her. Frey held them off at first with her magic, but was overwhelmed by numbers. Only through clever teamwork with her familiar, Johnson, did she manage to kill two and escape the third. However, she had thrown them her coins as a distraction, so she returned to the guild hall injured and copperless.

Meanwhile, Sorcha had chanced upon a strange robed man who claimed to be looking for a lost girl called “Golden Morning Radiance.” He introduced himself as “Faithful Servant Li,” a minor clerk from the Palace of the Dead. He explained that the girl had been a petitioner who came to the Palace of the Dead to be judged with accordance to the beliefs she held while she lived. She was judged to be sent to Avernus for her afterlife, but was accidentally sent to Sigil due to a grievous error. Sorcha didn’t quite understand all she heard, but decided the girl might be in danger and thus should be helped. After meeting with Mara and Freya at the guild hall, the group travelled to the Hall of Records in search of a medium who might ascertain the girl’s location. In the Hall of Speakers, run by the Sign of One, they found a medium who could help for a price. Sorcha didn’t have the gold for the expensive service, so instead she signed a magical contract that stated she owed the Sign of One one favor in the unspecified future. The medium divined that the girl was living down in the Hive Ward, the slums of Sigil.

The adventurers journeyed through the streets of the Hive, inquiring at the local taverns for information. The bartender in the first tavern mentioned some whereabouts where the girl had been spotted. While there, Freya discovered an underground troll fighting ring through the eyes of her invisible familiar. After searching for her at the Bleak Cabal’s Gatehouse, they finally discovered the girl drinking with a fiend at another tavern she was known to frequent. The girl fled as soon as she spotted Faithful Servant Li. Sorcha assumed her horse form and closed the distance to the girl with little effort. She bit the girl’s cloak and dragged her to the ground, not letting her escape until Sorcha’s companions caught up with them. Once they had calmed the girl down, she explained that she had no desire to be sent to Arcadia, that she had found happiness in Sigil using her abilities to aid the poor. The girl took off again before Li could rejoin them. The adventurers now found themselves faced with a decision. Should they allow the girl, although technically deceased, to remain in Sigil as she wished? Or should they force her to be accompanied back to the Palace of the Dead with Li, as dictated by the law over petitioners?

Freya's Journal
Entry 1

So… This is the travel log of Freya Elenvir. I’m not the type to get all retrospective by keeping a journal like this but right now my friends and I are under some rather… unique circumstances. I honestly don’t even know where to begin! I mean right now I’m resting in a witch’s cave in what I can only assume is the farthest and most twisted reaches of the fade! No one here knows what I’m talking about when I mention the fade, but that only makes things more confusing! Alright, sorry about that. I’ll start from the beginning.

So my colleagues and I had gotten some information about a bloodmage who was growing in power near Redcliff. Naturally we tracked him down to, well… I’m sure you get the idea. After a close encounter with an owlbear that I so magnificently defeated we were on the right track and approaching the BM’s hideout. Turned out it was some kind of run down mansion. I sent Johnson to scout out the eastern half while my friends and I checked out the western side. This is where things get a bit odd. We ran into a group of these things. I honestly don’t know what they were. They looked like a sort of corpse that was bloated and melted down partially. Needless to say I felt a bit queasy after we took them down. Luckily they didn’t put up much of a fight. After we searched the mansion a bit more we found a path leading to some sort of cellar. Inside the cellar we found what appeared to be a sort of runic circle. I didn’t recognize it and by the looks of Sorcha and my qunari friend, neither did they. Of course before we had the chance to study the thing our rogue decided it was a good idea to just waltz right onto the thing! There was a flash of light and the next thing I new I wasn’t in Fereldan anymore…

When we came to we were in a very… unpleasant place. Honestly it was so drastically different and extreme that it had to be part of the fade, perhaps a deep level that no mage has been able to quest into before? Only something wasn’t right. All of us seemed to feel whole and our minds weren’t scattered. If this means both our minds and our bodies came through into the fade, than I can only imagine what kind of hell is happening back in Fereldan. Whatever it was it couldn’t be much worse than where we were! The sky looked like some sort of twilight, the air was hot and it was raining fire! I’m being totally serious about this one! Literally balls of volcanic fire were crashing into the ground at complete random! One nearly smashed us! Alright, losing my place, back on track. So ya, four confused BM hunters, blood sky, some sort of demon, and fire everywhere… Fuck the fade.

Speaking of the demon he was a strange little guy. At first he seemed pretty afraid of us so I tried to take initiative and tell it some creative truths. It didn’t really go over well, the little baster stabbed me pretty good with some sort of pitchfork. The wound looked worse than it was but I’m not to mad, after all I gave him a scar just as bad across his face in return. It kind of became a sort of interrogation after that. He told us we were in a land called Avernus. I guess that’s what the natives of the fade call this area. When we were done with him the Qunari decided he didn’t really want this demon breathing anymore and so he wiped the poor guy out. The others thought it was a bit extreme but I didn’t mind so much, you never can be to careful in the fade.

After that I had Johnson scout ahead in the direction the imp thing said we would find help. He lead us to what could possibly be the most repulsive thing I have ever seen in my life! It was a river of blood and I don’t mean there was just a lot off it everywhere, I mean it was quite literally a massive river with blood instead of water! Honestly I could go into detail about the sight but I’ll spare you the image. Anyways the Qunari somehow seemed right at home here as he was able to clot the blood to make a bridge across it. I mean I know hes a bloodmage as well (a good one, dont worry) but that was just creepy! Maybe I should keep a closer eye on him. So we crossed the bridge of thickened blood. Sorcha, the poor thing, just could not keep her stomach together. I’m surprised i was able to to be perfectly honest.

After making it across the bridge and wandering through the unbearable heat for hours we finally came across a large cave that we could only assume was the living space of the one the imp said could help us. Deciding it was better to be safe than sorry I had Johnson scout the cave while invisible just to be sure. What he found was a sort of hut in the cave with a grey haired woman. I had Johnson uncloak in the form of a bat to speak to her when she pulled out a sort of gem. She put the thing to her eye and looked at Johnson whereupon she immediately took out a glowing mace and split poor Johnson in half! He never stood a chance! I wanted to tear the girl apart but my friends held me back. Turns out they had the right idea as this woman was in fact the witch we were searching for. Her name is Hexla. She’s offered us room and board while we rest and is willing to explain to us just where we are and how he might get back to our land. I’m glad she can help but there is just one thing on my mind. Why can’t I summon Johnson back!?

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